TRX Rip Trainer Review

When I first heard about the TRX Rip Trainer, I must admit that I wasn’t overly excited by it. I have been using my TRX Suspension Trainer now for a few years and I would not be without it. I just didn’t think I needed anything else to go along with it.

When I got the chance to try a Rip Trainer, I thought why not. I will give it a go and see if it is anything to get excited about. I decided to get a few people together to try it out with me so I could get their take on it as well. We consisted of male, female, young and older folks so we could see who this thing was targeted for.

First of all, what is the Rip Trainer? Well, it consist of a resistance cord attached to a pole. You get a workout DVD and guide and a door anchor which works really well, but for our test, we took it into my garage where I have a couple TRX X-mount anchors set up. I ended up moving one of them to waist level as this seemed like the best, most versatile height to use the Rip Trainer. Here is a pic of the Rip Trainer:

 I decided to try it out first. After getting it hooked up to the x-mount, I walked away from the anchor point and decided to start with a garden variety squat. What I noticed immediately, is how the Rip trainer changed that squat into…something better. Because of the design of the trainer, it causes you to be slightly unbalanced, which puts more resistance on one side. This not only works your leg better, but it really hits your core at the same time because you are fighting the resistance to stay balanced. Awesome. Just remember to do the other side too. Ok, I was starting to see the real benefit of this new equipment, but I wanted to see how others would react.

Up first was my buddy Jim and his 13 year old son Matt. Matt is an aspiring hockey player so we got him into position and he was able to accurately simulate the movement of hitting the puck with a hockey stick. The broad smile on his face said it all. He loved it. In just a couple of minutes, he was really feeling it and starting to sweat. Next his father Jim gave it a go. He likes playing baseball, so he used it like a bat. Same reaction. The resistance cord provides just the right amount of pull to help you build strength right where you need it. He was sold.

Next up was my friend Jennifer. She is an all around athlete, in her 20′s but doesn’t participate in any one sport. We decided to let her try some of the more basic exercises you can do on the Rip Trainer. She tried squats, chest presses, and bicep curls. Because of the imbalance again, it really works your core at the same time you are working your chest, arms and legs. You can really get your heart rate up with it too if you want by making quicker movements for a sustained period of time. Jen told me she is going to get one of these to supplement her workouts. She was very impressed with how it hit all of the muscle groups easily while also working her core.

Next I let my buddy Gary try it out. He is in his mid 30′s and in very good shape from using his TRX Suspension Trainer over the last year or so. He is also an avid runner. Gary put the Rip Trainer thru it’s paces by simulating batting, doing some martial arts type moves, some tennis moves, and some basic squats, presses and curls. He commented on how he liked the way the resistance felt and he loved the full range of motion you can get with it, but he decided his TRX Suspension Trainer was more than enough for him. No worries. That is why TRX makes several different products. Something for everyone. I suspect Gary will change his mind when he sees the rest of us using our Rip Trainers regularly. It took a few months for him to buy his TRX Suspension Trainer too. :)

Now for me, the real test. I had my parents come over to give it a try as well. They watched everyone else take a turn, and I could see they were somewhat nervous about giving it a go. They are in their 60′s and don’t do too much working out other than they are both frequent golfer’s. First my Mom gave it a try. I showed her some easy squats, chest presses and a few curls. Then I guided her in simulating swinging a golf club. She really liked that…a lot. In fact, I had to practically pry it from her to give my Dad a try. He immediately went for the golf swing movement and by the smile on his face, and the fact that he kept doing it over and over while saying “yeah”, I knew he found something he would consistently do.

This thing was a big hit with everyone who tried it, even Gary, and I won’t hesitate to recommend it to anyone wanting to add another dimension to their workouts. I will be getting one for my parents for Christmas and an x-mount anchor to go with it for their basement.

Here is a sample Rip Trainer Workout:

A few things to know…you will need some space for this depending on what types of movements you are doing. The best thing about the Rip Trainer is it’s freedom of movement. They call it 3D movement and that describes it well. A large basement or garage is perfect, but if you could take it outside this thing will really shine. Anchoring it is so versatile. You can anchor it to anything that can support your weight, such as a fence, lamp post, jungle gym, or a tree. Anything really. If you have any questions, please send me an email HERE.

You also get a very good workout DVD with the Rip Trainer so it really is everything you need in one box. It also comes with a travel bag. I use to take my TRX Suspension Trainer with me to use in hotel rooms. I think I will now leave that at home in my home gym, and travel with the Rip Trainer. It is so versatile and easy to take with. So who is the Rip Trainer for? Everyone.

I hope this review helps shed some light on TRX Trainings newest workout equipment and I hope you decide to give it a try. It is a lot of fun and VERY effective. I will be adding this to my regular TRX workouts. I have several other people anxious to give the Rip Trainer a try, so check back here from time to time. If we discover any new uses or revelations along the way, I will update this review. -Ang

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